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Cut cost to 1.7% on each transaction 將每筆交易的成本降低到1.7%

Are you paying too much for your donation processing cost?

Stripe charges up to 3.4% + $2.35 per transaction.

Paypal up to 3.9% + $2.35.

The costs goes up even more for international donations received. (Fees are in HK$ and current as of November 2019).

Would you be interested if we were able to offer you 1.7% + HK$0.5 per transaction for domestic transactions? For transactions in other currencies i.e. donations from international sources we can offer 2% + HK$0.5.

Using our platform, we can help cut transaction costs to bring large savings to your non-profit administration cost, helping support your organisation’s long term financial sustainability.

To find out more, email: or call: +852 2505 6684


Stripe收費高達每筆交易3.4%+ $ 2.35。

Paypal最高可達3.9%+ $ 2.35。

對於收到的國際捐贈來說,費用甚至更高。 (費用以港幣為單位,截至2019年11月為最新)。

如果我們能夠為您提供每筆國內交易1.7%+ HK$ 0.5的價格,您是否會感興趣? 對於其他貨幣的交易,即來自國際來源的捐款,我們可以提供2%+ HK$ 0.5。


要了解更多信息,請發送電子郵件至:rodney@csgcatalyst.com或致電:+852 2505 6684

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