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Justice Centre Launches Social Media Campaign to Acquire Supporters! Justice Centre發起運動,在社交媒體上尋


CSG would like to congratulate Justice Centre for successfully launching their first social media supporter acquisition campaign.  In a bid to widen the organisation’s supporter base, Justice Centre tasked CSG to broaden the charity’s awareness, educate audiences on its work promoting minority rights in Hong Kong whilst simultaneously engaging new supporters for the charity.  Towards that end, CSG harnessed the power of social media and digital channels to reach a new demographic, building a community of engaged supporters for Justice Centre.

Many organisations rely heavily on Institutional supporters such as Governments, Foundations plus Corporate donors’ CSR programs to give grants for their community work and services.  This reliance exposes the charity to the risk of loss of major source of support should any grant donors stop their funding.  This in turn may cause serious cash flow issues for the charity, leading to a cut or reduction in much needed services benefiting the community.  Diversification of supporters to individuals can help reduce the risk of such situations occurring.

Launched amidst challenging times in Hong Kong, Justice Centre’s campaign is delivering well for the charity.  To find out how your campaigns and advocacy can be optimized to find new supporters for your organisation, contact CSG at Email: Tel: +852 2505 6684

CSG祝賀Justice Centre成功啟動了他們的第一個社交媒體活動。為了尋找同時擴大組織的支持者,Justice Center使用CSG來提高慈善機構的知名度,教育聽眾了解並促進少數群體在香港的工作權利 ,並為該慈善機構爭取新的支持者。為此, CSG利用社交媒體和數字渠道的力量來擴濶群組,從而為Justice Centre建立了一批積極的支持者。

許多慈善組織 為了他們的工作贈款 , 嚴重依賴機構捐贈者(例如政府和基金會)以及公司企業社會計劃。如果有任何捐贈者停止提供支持,這種依賴會使慈善機構面臨失去主要支持來源的風險。這可能會給慈善機構造成嚴重的現金流問題,導致減少或削減社區受益的急需服務。 為減少發生這種情況 , 分散風險CSG建議從個人捐助者那裡獲得穩定和持續支持。

在這些充滿挑戰的時期發起的這項運動為Justice Centre提供了良好的表現。要了解如何優化您的意識活動,以為您的慈善組織找到新的支持者,請通過以下電子郵件與CSG聯繫:rodney@csgcatalyst.com電話:+852 2505 6684

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