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GP X eTapestry CRM – 好處

Global Payments is integrated with eTapestry fundraising CRM

  • 透過 Blackbaud eTapestry™ CRM 和 Global Payments的專屬方案,自動化執行每月捐款和一次性捐款。

  • Global Payments (GP) is natively integrated into Blackbaud eTapestry™ CRM to automate payment processing for monthly and one-off donors.

  • eTapestry 自動發出收據和感謝信,可以大大減少了慈善機構的文書工作量並節省不少人力資源。

  • eTapestry then automatically issues receipts and thank-you letters for donations, substantially reducing administration workload for charities and saving significant costs.

  • eTapestry 和 Global Payments的專屬方案更可以支持線上捐款,購物,活動和票務。

  • The GP-eTapestry integration can also be easily used on the charity’s website to support online donations, shop, events and ticketing.

  • 除香港以外,新加坡和韓國的慈善團體都採用了eTapestry ,以支持不同捐款活動並促銷線上捐款的多樣性。

  • Growing charitable organisations in Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea are adopting eTapestry CRM for simple cloud-based fundraising and supporter management to helping diversify their donation sources.

  • 要了解GP X eTapestry如何幫助減少文書工作量,降低成本並幫助您的慈善機構實現大勢所趨的電子化 ,請向eTapestry的亞洲經銷商CSG Catalyst for Social Good預約一對一的Presentation。電郵:

  • To see how eTapestry can help reduce the administration workload, costs and help your charity go digital, register for a demo with CSG Catalyst for Social Good, eTapestry’s Asian distributor by contacting:

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