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Strategic Planning

CSG work with clients to create bespoke fundraising strategies tailored to suit their circumstances and needs.  This can be in the areas of High Net Worth Individuals / Major Givers, Foundations & other Institutional donors, Legacies & Bequests, or transitioning from a restricted grants lead funding model to an unrestricted funding model, garnering wider support from the general public.  Our recommendations seek to harness key strengths of each organization's cause whilst respecting its culture to deliver a proposition that is engaging and appeal to donors.


Data Analytics & Insights

     In today’s digital data driven world, it is a requirement that data analytics and insights inform the operations of any organisations’ service delivery or donor engagement.  Using de-identified (absent personal information) big data, we are able to study trends and segment behaviours and tailor approaches which better match audience preferences and reduce unwanted approaches.

    Without statistically valid data as the backbone, it is difficult for organisations to prove and provide evidence of their impact.  Having worked with data for more than 20 years and instituted scientific A/B testing methodologies for behavioural understanding, our data analysts gives us the deep insights that validates our recommended approaches rather than based purely on personal intuition or biases.  Using data well dramatically increases the efficacy of any initiative and reduces the incidences of losses caused by human error of judgement – losses which the non-profit sector can ill afford to waste.

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