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1st set of NFTs launched by Macao Catholic Culture Association

Featuring work from renowned National Geographic photographer, Antonio Leong at ACCM's "Discovering Everyday Beauty" Photo Exhibition

Macao Catholic Culture Association (ACCM) tasked CSG with planning, procuring copyright, minting and publishing ACCM's first set of NFTs featuring the photography works of Antonio Leong, renown National Geographic photographer. In this first of a series of digital initiatives, CSG helped ACCM to set up it's monthly donation proposition utilising the new medium of NFTs to support it's new donor acquisition.

Followers and fans of ACCM's Discovering Everyday Beauty exhibition and Antonio's works can take this opportunity to obtain the unique NFT piece, "Sacred Heart of Jesus at Saint Joseph's Seminary and Church, Macao" by becoming one of its ACCM's Circle of Friends monthly donors. Upon successful sign-up, they will receive one out of 50 limited edition NFTs.

This NFT set is not only a historical milestone for ACCM but also an opportunity for supporters of the charity to obtain a unique piece of ACCM's milestone development and asset memorabilia. To obtain this unique asset, please click here to join ACCM's Circle of Friends monthly giving program:

In this initial NFT series, CSG selected thebluemarble NFT exchange for it's alignment with ACCM's campaign objectives. To better understand why thebluemarble was selected out of the many NFT exchanges e.g. Opensea, Binance etc. please contact:

To view the "Sacred Heart of Jesus at Saint Joseph's Seminary and Church, Macao" on thebluemarble, please click here:

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