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Yayasan Chow Kit (Malaysia) adopts eTapestry fundraising CRM with Catalyst for Social Good’s support

Yayasan Chow Kit (YCK) has been fundraising for many years but kept their donors, funders, corporates and volunteers information on different Excel files, accounting system, peer-to-peer giving and email marketing platforms. Donor information and donation transaction information were not consolidated, leading to difficulties in identifying the charity’s most generous supporters and prioritising appropriate engagement with them. This meant fundraising asks to donors were not maximised and opportunities lost, leading to lower levels of donations for the charity and the children beneficiaries of YCK. YCK’s donation administration processes was very manually intensive, with thank-you letters and receipts being generated by hand. There was a delay in thanking donors for their support and the administrative cost of receipting and thanking donors were very high. Catalyst for Social Good (CSG) worked with YCK to migrate all their supporters, volunteers data and accompanying transactions into Blackbaud’s eTapestry CRM. After completion of the process, YCK was trained on utilising the system and is now able to easily report on their top corporate, foundations and individual donors and develop strategies to further engage with each different donor types/segments. As many YCK’s volunteers were corporate employees, eTapestry enables YCK to track corporate and employee relationships, helping YCK’s fundraising team to lobby the corporate employees as internal champions for the charity. Using the soft crediting function in eTapestry, champion fundraisers who raises funds for YCK on peer-to-peer giving sites such as Give.Asia, Simply Giving, etc. can be Soft Credited with the sponsorship donations they raised from their friends and families. These champion fundraisers and their relationship networks can thus be easily identified and cultivated for YCK’s future events and fundraising initiatives.

“We are very glad to have access to an up-to-date fundraising CRM to support our fundraising initiatives. We were expecting a lot of pain to put the many years of thousands of historical donor data together but CSG’s team helped make that transition as painless as possible. It was definitely a process but now with all of our data in one place, we can use the system to analyse the data we have on hand and guide our future fundraising approaches. And the team is looking forward to saving much work and cost on the donation acknowledgement processes with automation.” – Ananti Rajasingam, CEO of Yayasan Chow Kit.

eTapestry can also support: - Case management for service beneficiaries - Bequest and legacies fundraising - Relationship tree tracking for High Net Worth fundraising - Regular subscription donations and membership fees collection YCK joins many other Asian non-profits on Blackbaud’s ecosystem. These charities include:

  • Alice Smith School, Malaysia

  • Taylor’s University Malaysia

  • The Salvation Army, Malaysia

  • Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

  • National University of Singapore

  • The Salvation Army, Singapore

  • Singapore Management University

  • Singapore University of Social Sciences

  • The TENG Company, Singapore

  • LOVE,NILS Singapore

  • Animals Asia, Hong Kong

  • Canadian International School of Hong Kong

  • City University of Hong Kong

  • Hong Kong International School

  • Ocean Park Conservation Foundation

  • Plan Hong Kong

  • Salvation Army Hong Kong

  • St. James’ Settlement, Hong Kong

  • TREATS, Hong Kong

  • WWF Hong Kong

  • The International School of Macao

  • Save the Children, India

Should your organisation require CRM implementation and support please contact CSG at

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