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360° Care for your NGO’s most important relationships:

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

A fully-integrated supporter management system

In today’s digital age, many NGOs struggle to provide a seamless experience for their supporters - be it volunteers, alumni, donors or other stakeholders. From relationship tracking, grant applications, corporate engagement, matching initiatives to website donations, event registrations/ticketing, email mass communication, payment gateways and all round reporting needs! This complex digital landscape leaves many charities stuck in technical complexity and struggling to build their supporter relationships. In the end, this restricts growth and the charity’s impact for beneficiaries.

CSG can solve all these issues by providing an affordable one-stop-shop, easy to implement solution for small to mid-sized NGOs. Many NGOs are looking to engage their volunteers, alumni or donors for support and the best way to start on this is to ensure you have a fully integrated and well-structured supporter management database to be the backbone of your engagement. In our experience, NGOs are looking for the below functions to be integrated in their database system:

- Grants applications tracking and pipe-lining

- Corporate donors, employees relationships and gift matching

- Households and network relationship tracking for Major Gift programs

- Events, workshops RSVPs/attendance, ticketing

- Items and table sales, plus auctions

- Mass email marketing, printing and personalised communications

- Website and online payments

- Payment gateways integration & automation

- Social Media linking and sharing

- Tax receipting, thank you letters and Administration workload reduction

- Easy to use reporting functions for 360° view of supporter relationships

- Accounting support

- Data migration and de-duplication

CSG has brought to NGOs a simple solution which takes away the pain of putting together all these functions. A number of NGOs are already enjoying the benefits of this platform, maximising their efficiencies, reducing workload and growing their impact through this solution. These pioneers are:

Hong Kong

- Yew Chung Education Foundation

- Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society

- Justice Centre Hong Kong

- Variety Hong Kong

- Para Site


- YK Pao School


- Soi Dog Foundation

- Pratthanadee Foundation

With many more in Asia Pacific…

In a collaborative effort with the Hong Kong Jockey Club, we are bringing online many more NGOs to join in the community of 360° supporter engagement in the digital age! To find out more, please contact CSG at: +852 2505 6684 or email

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