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Lessening the pain of ESG reporting for Corporates and Social Impact organisations

Gathering community and social investment data for ESG reporting is a heavy administrative task. Catalyser, our cloud based ESG reporting and social investment platform lessens the data collection and administration pain.

“Hong Kong’s listed companies have now been put on notice, and the race against the clock has started as authorities moved into the next stage of disclosure obligations on ESG reporting. Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing, which operates the city’s stock market, on December 18 tightened the requirements to make disclosures on climate change and social issues mandatory from 2021. This will be a step up from 2017 when environmental disclosure became obligatory. Before 2016, ESG reporting was on voluntary basis.” - South China Morning Post: Hong Kong listed firms get ‘F’ on ESG report card, put on notice as rules become mandatory in 2021 Data collection for ESG reporting is a key pain point for companies needing to comply with the HKEX (Hong Kong Exchange and Clearing) incoming rules. The HKEX lists the following reporting principles for ESG in preparing the report: Reporting Principles (1) Materiality: The threshold at which ESG issues determined by the board are sufficiently important to investors and other stakeholders that they should be reported. (2) Quantitative: KPIs in respect of historical data need to be measurable. The issuer should set targets (which may be actual numerical figures or directional, forward-looking statements) to reduce a particular impact. In this way the effectiveness of ESG policies and management systems can be evaluated and validated. Quantitative information should be accompanied by a narrative, explaining its purpose, impacts, and giving comparative data where appropriate. (3) Balance: The ESG report should provide an unbiased picture of the issuer’s performance. The report should avoid selections, omissions, or presentation formats that may inappropriately influence a decision or judgment by the report reader. (4) Consistency: The issuer should use consistent methodologies to allow for meaningful comparisons of ESG data over time. A summation of which aspect of HKEX ESG reporting that Catalyser supports is summarised in the table below:

Catalyser helps companies address the Social aspects in ESG practices, especially with regards to Community Investment by enabling the tracking of employee volunteering man-hours, financial contributions, matching sponsorships and other social impact activities which demonstrates the shared valued it has on social impact. Catalyser simultaneously adds to a company’s employee engagement and branding, fulfilling an HR value in its ESG efforts.

Case Study: Deloitte Australia Deloitte Australia employs Catalyser to fulfil its ESG reporting obligations in the area of Social impact reporting which dovetails with the company’s shared values obligations under the UN Global Compact/Sustainable Development Goals. View Deloitte Australia's

Catalyser video here:

Case Study: King and Wood Malleson King and Wood Malleson utilizes Catalyser to track its community investment initiatives. View King and Wood Malleson video here:

To find out more on how Catalyser can help your company fulfil its ESG reporting obligations and demonstrate shared value with social impact, arrange a demo by contacting us at:


CSG Catalyst for Social Good is the distributor of Catalyser for Hong Kong and Asia. CSG is a social good business offering fundraising consultancy support for not-for-profits/charities and for Social Impact causes across Asia Pacific. Our consultants are subject matter experts in the areas of fundraising, marketing, CSR and capacity building and offers full fledge agency services for the 3rd sector. Expertise we bring include:

- Direct Marketing covering Direct Mail, Digital Marketing and Telemarketing - Data Science for predictive behavioural analytics and loyalty retention - Database and technology consulting / implementation - Institutional Giving, Bequests and Middle-Major Gifts - Fundraising training and strategic consulting

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